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April Newsletter

Hello Lovely!

Welcome to April! Can you feel that springtime energy? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the snowflakes are falling… welcome to spring Wisconsin style! Despite the occasional snow (grumble grumble) my chamomile is popping up, as are my irises, so it is definitely spring! Did you get your spring cleaning done? Hmmm I sense some uncomfortable silence out there… If you are having trouble getting motivated, never fear! This month we are going to work on gaining some clarity, and improving focus. Time to start thinking about what you really want out of life, what are your goals, and how are we going to get there? Well we have an herb, crystal, and ideas to help! Let’s dive right in and introduce our herb of the month…

Lion’s Mane

This month's herb is not actually an herb, but a mushroom! No, not the magic kind… well not in the sense you're thinking! Lion’s Mane has many medicinal uses but is most notably used as a brain tonic. This amazing fungi helps with memory and focus, and can even help with the treatment of brain injuries! It is also used for easing nerve pain, and aiding nerve damage and regrowth. Metaphysically our shroom friend has long been used by Shaolin monks in meditation as it improved their concentration, allowing them to cultivate Qi (life force). Sweet huh? For the month of April we will have 20% off our Lion’s Mane Dual Extract linked below.

Onto the crystal of the month!


Quartz is 100% my favorite crystal. It is the first raw crystal I ever saw as a child, and I was instantly mesmerized! Quartz has so many amazing qualities, the most prominent of which is its status as a Master Crystal, meaning that it can be used interchangeably with any other crystal, for any purpose. Quartz can be programmed to do whatever you need. Banishing bad energy? Quartz. An aid for self-love? Quartz. It can literally do it all. Its most common and traditional uses are to enhance psychic abilities and aid in concentration, and bring the mind/body into balance. I don’t know about you but I could use all of that! Quartz is the one crystal that is a MUST have for everyone!

Ya’ll figured out our April theme yet?


Lately it seems like I am always fighting against the clock, and I have been running around trying to do it all, and putting myself on the back burner. Anyone with me there? That brings me into our April self-care, which is going to be more ambiguous than usual. Our goal this month is to gain clarity about what we really want or need? This is going to look different for everyone. One person might need to prioritize sleep (calling myself out here)! Another person may want to start a yoga practice, and even more of us are probably stumped on what it is we really need/want! Not to worry there are many tools, and methods, to help us gain clarity. So some suggestions are: journaling, pro/con list, divination method (tarot, iching, runes, etc.), or walking mediation. I want you to use whatever method feels right for YOU! If you want to do something not listed then go for it, you have my full support!

Once we have identified our one need/want how do you make it happen? For example, you want to start a new fitness program. When are you going to work out? Get clear on how to make it happen! Now follow through!! You are worthy of having your needs and wants met. So go get it! I promise, not only will you feel better once you start making yourself a priority, but the sense of accomplishment for making it happen is awesome AF!

Astrological Influences

So first off today is a new moon. This is a great time to start new habits or hobbies. If we get our shit in place now the moon's growth through its waxing phase will add strength to our intentions. On top of that this new moon is in Aries. For those who don’t know the sign, Aires is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries season is like New Years for astrology. It’s also a fire sign which is known for its passion and energy. This is literally the perfect time to get started on new goals, so now that we have gained our clarity about what we want/need in our lives, it’s time to make it happen!


I am once again using my stunning Light Seer’s Tarot deck by Chris-Anne. I totally recommend this deck, the illustrations are spot on and gorgeous, and just an overall high vibe deck. Lets jump right into it shall we?

Ace of Pentacles

Keywords: New ideas, planting seeds for the future, manifesting power, ambition, prosperity.

You are a powerhouse of possibility! It’s time to seed your future with new intentions. A new start is here. A reminder to hold onto feelings of optimism. Your new beginning has incredible potential to thrive.By figuring out your soil conditions, watering schedule, and needs of each unique seed, you will be able to see your goals through fruition. (Juuust want to point out that this sounds an awful lot like gaining clarity on goals and how to accomplish them doesn’t it? Weird :)

Queen of Wands

Keywords: Creativity, passion, determination, confidence, power, joy, build your queendom

You are fierce! It is time to ground into your intentions and step out of the shadows. This is not a time to shy away from the limelight. This is your reminder to stop acting small to make others more comfortable! It's ok to be yourself, the shadow and the light, they both make you into the unique creature you are. Your past doesn’t define you, your present does. This is your call out to stop hiding!

King of Pentacles

Keywords: patience, determination, material abundance, comfort, security, personal growth, a confident and warm leader

The King has it all, and it was not easy. He worked his fields, found his soulmate, gained his wealth, and manifested his dream with his determination. He worked patiently, and went through all the ups and downs to get here. He reminds us to get clear on where you want to be, and to set your plan in motion (huh? I think we may have heard this before…) You have endless potential. Dream your biggest dream and cultivate it in reality.


What can I say, this reading was crystal it was so clear. I can literally sum it up in only a few sentences. Figure out what you want or need. Make a plan to get there. Be passionate and determined, be unapologetically you. Be authentic, cultivate your seeds, and see shit through. The potential in the air right now says we can make our biggest dreams reality.

Ending Notes

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