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December Newsletter

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to December! Are you surrounded by people who have their shit together, while you are wondering where the hell November went? ME TOO! To those of you that have all your Christmas shopping done, good for you! For the rest of us, SHIT, It’s time to get on it, or else it’s going to be gift cards for everyone...again. Things are busy. Work is crazy, home is chaos, and I got a two week reminder that it's cold season. I`m pretty sure I single handedly made Kleenex hit their sales goals for the month.

Did you find yourself on auto-pilot for most of November? I did, and that is NOT how I want to spend my holidays! So for December we are going to focus on staying healthy, and enjoying the moment! Let’s kick it off with our herb of the month!


Elderberries are common all over Wisconsin and Minnesota. They grow from the elder shrub (go figure huh?) These berries should NOT be eaten fresh, but once made into syrup they are safe and extremely medicinal. How is Elderberry going to help you get through December? Well first off it is excellent for PREVENTING and SHORTENING the duration of an illness. From the common cold, to the flu, Elderberry can help you! Hehe, see what I did there? This herb has high levels of vitamin C, is anti-inflammatory, and helps clear up mucus. There are so many other benefits, but I don't have time to expound on how wonderful Elderberry is! I do, however, recommend you grab a bottle to help you through cold and flu season! Elderberry syrup does require refrigeration. If you are looking at those Elderberry gummies you see at the grocery store, take a look at the ingredients. I promise the preservatives required to make elderberry shelf stable are not helping your health!

We will be offering 20% off our Elderberry Syrup for the entire month of December!!

On to our crystal of the month!


On a personal level I have always found Turquoise to have a very comforting and calming effect. It's always my go to, when I’m feeling lonely or sad. Turquoise has long been used for protection and to dispel negative energy. Other common uses are to ease depression, and calm anxiety. Turquoise is one of the few crystals that can be used to align ALL of the chakras! There are even some cultures that herald Turquoise as the ultimate love charm! Aaannndd let's face it, Turquoise is straight up beautiful! I want to fully enjoy the Holidays this year, with no stress, so I will be keeping a piece of Turquoise in my pocket!


As previously stated, I have found myself on auto-pilot so much lately! I've been multitasking so hard that I find myself irritated by any interruption. The few times I was able to be social, I heard the same thing over and over.” I’m so damn busy!! I don’t even have time to think!!” I'm right there with you. So this month we are going to focus on slowing down, and being present in the moment (mindfulness). Usually I practice mindfulness by standing outside barefoot, and feeling the earth beneath me.’s December. I refuse to subject my little tootsies to frost covered grass or (shudder) snow. Not to fear, I came up with a few options that don’t require being subjected to frostbite.

The first technique is to use your sense of touch. Pick up crystals, or touch a tree. Take time to process how things feel. Do the crystals make your fingers tingle? Is it warm or cool? How does the tree bark feel? Smooth? Rough?

If touch isn't doing it for you, try one of your other senses. Savor a piece of chocolate. Use and enjoy your favorite perfume. Some find mindfulness with movement. Try a walk, yoga, or dance. Notice how your body feels as it moves.

The most important part of Mindfulness is to focus on what you're doing. Not the next task, not your kids outfit for the concert, not what to get Moms for Christmas. I struggle with this daily! The best advice I can give is, listen to your body. Stiff neck? Irritable? Headache? Well here's your sign! Time to pull yourself out of your head, and into the moment. Practice being present as often as possible, the more you do, the more natural it will feel. This time of year is joyful, be present and enjoy it!!

December Tarot

At some point we will probably try different Tarot Decks, but I'm seriously obsessed with the Spiritsong Tarot Deck by Paulina Cassidy right now! We have a recurring card in this reading, meaning we have an ongoing theme. Certain parts of the card's meaning really struck me, so those will be highlighted in italics. Let's get started.

Six of Shells-Otter

Keywords: Emotional security, joy, innocence, sharing, reunion, sentimentality

Otter swims in simple, innocent joy, and in doing so soothes her soul. She moves with the flow of life with lightheartedness and happiness. Otter uses sentimentality and memories to regenerate her emotional self. This is a time to reconnect with your roots. Past efforts will prove rewarding. Memories revisited serve to add insight and strength to fresh projects. Allow the emergence of positive new beginnings to permeate your life.

The Moon-Owl this is our recurring card!

Keywords: Intuition, dreams, emotion, imagination, perception, illumination, awareness

Owl and her mysterious moon will bring us a flood of insight. Her sight can pierce through illusions, and bring the hidden to light. The imagination is powerful, it can be used creatively, or it can strike terror within (example: anxiety, overthinking, etc.) Emotions will shape your perception of any situation. Owl is here to assist you in seeing your way clearly, through the fear, and into the light of truth. Trust your instincts, and watch for signs and dreams to guide you.


Keywords: Self-control, inner-strength, compassion, love, patience, vision, endurance

Elephant balances strength and gentleness. The main source of strength is LOVE. She does not exert her power over others, she uses it only to keep others from exerting their power over her. Her strength shines through her compassion, faith, and resilience. Elephant reminds you to examine your life's motivation, and to use your inner-strength to pursue it.


Wow, lots to process here. Let's start withOtter. The main point I’m getting here is, we need to ALLOW positive, new beginnings to emerge. Instead of flowing, we are fighting our logic brain. The truth is, a situation, or person, can bring joy and compassion to your life. It really doesn’t matter if it seems logical or illogical, we need to let it happen. In addition, we are being called to let the heavy shit go. It's time to let yourself be happy, and to flow with the current of life.

Now we add in the wisdom of Owl. Emotions will shape your perception of any situation. Let that sink in a minute. Shit just got real didn’t it? If you have been letting self-doubt or anxiety stop you from pursuing something. Owl is telling us to look past the illusions created by doubt.

Stop resisting the flow. Allow yourself to HONESTLY feel. Are you holding onto something too tight, because it's “logical”? Are you holding on to a person because “logically” it works, even if the emotions aren't quite right? Owl says it’s time to move from fear, into the light of truth. Are you afraid to be alone, to start over, to pursue a dream? It’s time to get honest with yourself.

Last we have Elephant, which fits beautifully with our other cards. What struck me most about this card is: The main source of strength is LOVE. Remember your life’s passion, and use your strength to pursue it. How do strength and love relate? We sometimes hold onto old situations. Even if this situation is no longer physically present, it can occupy space in your mind. If it keeps spinning in your brain, but is never dealt with, it will create negative outcomes.You need strength and love, to let that shit go.

Owl already told us that our emotions change our perception. Otter says reveling in memories will strengthen us, and allow a positive new beginning to form. Every situation, good or bad, past or present, holds a lesson.You know which situation this is, it’s the one you have been avoiding, or dismissing your feelings about. The illusion is lifting. Now it’s time to show our strength and review. Show gratitude for those situations, and those lessons. Show them love, and compassion, and let them go. Once we let go, we create space. If you make space you will see something beautiful on your horizon.

Planetary Influences

In keeping with our Tarot theme, did you know Neptune is ending it’s retrograde on December 4th? When retrograde, this dreamy planet can cause brain fog, and subject us to illusions. When Neptune ends it’s retrograde on the 4th, you can expect those illusions to If you find yourself with people, or in situations that suddenly feel inauthentic, it probably is. The only way to create healthier situations, and loyal relationships, is to make room for them. That means loosening your grip, and letting go. The right things for you, will show up once you have space for them. Hell what you have been looking for is probably there, right in front of you When the fog lifts, will you be brave enough to make space for it?

Ending Notes

We do NOT have any more vendor events scheduled this year. However, our FULL LINE of products is now available at Sister’s She Shop, in St.Croix Falls, WI.

We also have ALL our products up on the website. Check us out at We offer options for in-person pick-up, or shipping is available!

We are working on NEW products, they are coming soon, so stay tuned!

All of us at Herban Alchemy Medicaments are wishing you a merry Holiday Season, and bright wishes for the New Year!

If you LOVE our newsletter, please feel free to share! If you don’t love it, you can reply to this email and we will take you off our list.

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