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October Newsletter!

Hello Lovely!!

Welcome to the first edition of Herban Alchemy Medicaments NEW monthly newsletter!!! Remember giving us your email? No? Well ya did... So here we go!!! Our aim here is to give you ideas and inspiration for each upcoming month. You might even learn something new (but no promises smartypants)!

Each month we will cover an herb, crystal, self-care tip, and a collective Tarot reading that is specific to the month we are in. All this for free! Aren't we awesome?! So let's get right to it with our OCTOBER herb of the month!

Yellow Dock: (Or Rumex crispus if you're fancy) is a small, leafy plant that grows wild all around the world. You have probably seen Yellow Dock without even realizing it. It thrives in disturbed soil (think roadsides, construction sites, or the stubborn weed by your mailbox!) Yellow Dock belongs to the buckwheat family, who knew?!

Medicinally Yellow Dock is a badass for treating all types of GI issues! It is an elimination regulator and laxative (so now you can ignore those annoying Jamie Lee Curtis Activia commercials!). This wonderful herb is also great for treating anemia, fungal infection, AND helps your energy levels! Yellow Dock also has metaphysical uses. It's used for breathwork, to help with grief, and to release pent up emotions. I told you this plant was a badass didn't I??

If you want to forage your own Yellow Dock now is the time! When making medicine with this wonderful herb the root is what you want to collect. I recommend using a small garden shovel as the roots grow thick and deep. Digging around the root ball first can help to loosen the soil so the root can be extracted intact.

For the month of October we are offering 20% off our Yellow Dock tincture!

Ok ok, on to our crystal of the month! Introducing the amazing…

Tourmaline: Did you know not all Tourmaline is black? This amazing mineral also comes in blue, purple, green, even watermelon and rainbow!! Tourmaline is traditionally used for energetic protection. I like to keep a chunk by my front door, because Tourmaline can create a bubble around a person or room that keeps unwanted energy from entering. A lesser known benefit of Tourmaline is its ability to promote balance, think Yin and Yang, or balancing left vs. right brain. As if you need another reason to get your hands on this beautiful crystal, it also helps release tension!! Who doesn't need that?!?!

Self Care: Before we jump into this section let's take a moment to reflect on where we are shall we? It’s October...wait OCTOBER!?! How did that happen?!? Our window for harvesting herbs and gardens is getting smaller by the minute. Fall is traditionally a time of and hard work; and the plants around us are showing us how it's done. Leaves are changing and falling, berries are ripening, and acorns are falling on my head (seriously is it just me?) All around us the flora and fauna are busy spreading seeds, growing winter coats, and preparing for a winter, yes I said the W '' word!!

Have you been feeling chaotic? Fall is BUSY! Even if you don't have a garden to harvest, I promise everyone is feeling the pinch. We are working, driving kids to activities, cooking healthy meals (or trying to), keeping up with laundry, and literally a million other things. I don’t know about you but I feel frazzled just thinking about my To Do list. This is why self-care is SOOO important right now!! It might seem counterintuitive to add yet another item to the neverending list on your counter, but I promise a little “me” time will help you keep your balance in this crazy season.

So? Are you ready to hear my amazing Self-Care tip? It is beautiful in it’s simplicity...GET OUTSIDE!! If you're thinking “Really? That's it?” hear me out. How do we deal when uber busy and stressed? We GROUND, and the best way to ground, is to get outside. You do not need to be a religious or spiritual person to benefit from grounding. It’s all about taking a moment to pause and check-in with yourself. Here are a few simple ideas to get your started.

  1. Touch the ground. That's why we call it grounding!! Easy right? Stand barefoot on the dirt, or sit down on the grass. Once you are settled into a comfortable position practice some breathwork. You can simply breathe deep, or try box breathing (count to 4 as you inhale, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4...repeat)

  2. Take a walk. Seriously. Just walk. Is the wind chilly? What colors are the leaves? Notice your surroundings and be in the moment.

  3. Make a leaf pile and jump in!! When did we get so serious and boring? Embrace that inner child, because they are full of joy! Let go, and have some fun!

  4. Take your morning coffee/tea/whatever OUTSIDE. Now do a body scan. Like a mental X-ray from feet to head. How do you feel? Are you holding any tension in your muscles? Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Take a moment to acknowledge what your body is telling you!

Remember, it doesn't matter if you take a few minutes, or an hour. What's important is taking time for you! No one else is going to run your shit show, that means you need to take care of the person who is...that's YOU!

Tarot: We used the beautiful Spirit Song Tarot deck by Pualina Cassidy for this pull, and with October vibes in mind, we pulled 3 cards that pertain to the energy surrounding us at the moment. First we will go through our cards, and then recap how these cards interact with one another. Honestly guys, this reading was so spot on that I was amazed! Let's get into it!

Card 1

The Tower-Chameleon

Keywords: Change, sudden shifts, releasing, upheaval, revelation, divine intervention, liberation.

Chameleon is the king of adaptation. He will change his color to blend in with his shifting surroundings. Change is part of life. Your choices are to accept the change or to resist it. Be warned that resisting the change coming your way will not stop the transformation from happening, it will only change how easily you adapt. It is time to release fear, and trust yourself.

Card 2

Two of Acorns-Falcon

Keywords: Decisions, planning, insight, progress, boldness, focus, goal attainment.

The Falcon is focused on her target. Think of her as a messenger on a mission. It is time to set your sights on what you want. Using the power of insight and vision it is time to manifest your ideas into reality. It’s time to recognise your potential and stand by your ideas and decisions. Persevere to achieve your goal!

Card 3

Nine of Shells-Penguin

Keywords: Happiness, Gratitude,wishes fulfilled, comfort, abundance, inspiration, rewards.

Penguin is delving beneath the surface to access knowledge needed to reach your goals. Trust your insight and inspiration, for you are the master of building your reality. Gratitude is one of the strongest tools in the toolbox. Penguin tells us the more gratitude we give, the more we have to be grateful for.

Wow, did that resonate with you? It did for me!! Let's discuss.

As stated earlier, Fall is a time of transformation and change. Pulling The Tower confirms that for us! I would like to draw your attention to the keywords. Some are intimidating (upheaval, sudden shift) and then you have genteler keywords (releasing, liberation). The difference in how you experience the coming change is in your mindset. The change is coming either way, we can flow through it, or we can go through it.

Then we have the Two of Acorns telling us it is time to trust yourself and make progress! Whatever idea or goal that has been taking up space in your beautiful brain, it's time to take the next step! Start planning, focus on how to make this goal your reality. Leave the self-doubt behind and get to work. This card tells us goals attained, which is awesome, but no one ever reached a goal without putting in the work.

Our last card gives us our best possible outcome! Practice gratitude, find inspiration in change, and work toward your goal. Do this and our wishes will be fulfilled!! I don’t know about you but I really needed to hear that. This is your confirmation that you are heading in the right direction, even though things are chaotic and scary right now. Trust yourself and hold your head up, cuz that hard work is about to pay off!!

Time to say goodbye!

Did you make it through the whole email?!? Yay!!! We hope you were entertained, enlightened, and got a laugh!

Just a few quick notes here before we go.

If you did not like our newsletter, and want to be taken off the list, please respond to this email and we will remove you. If you LOVE this newsletter you are welcome to share with your friends!

Don't forget the 20% off our Yellow Dock tincture for the whole month of October!

Look for website updates in the near future

Come and see us at Osceola’s Doe On the Go event!

Until next time, lovely! Sending you love and light!

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